Sunday, September 7, 2008


After blogging about wine the last week you may start to think.... is this a blog about wine or photos? Well perhaps both. I have been on stand still as of late and there are only so many photos you can take of a certain area sooooooo until some thing truly jumps out at me or really takes me by surprise I will just have to be creative.
Any way on my husbands latest trip to Atlanta again at the same wine store as before "Total Wine" he stopped in to buy a case load of our fav. wine "Chateau de Cornemps 2005" (by the way in addition to their very low prices you get an additional 10% off of cases of wine) He happened to pick up this wonderful bottle called "The Holy Trinity Wine" No this is not blessed by the Pope but it is blended by three different wines. A great taste smooth no bitter aftertaste. The smell is great (a must sniff) 
Now on a different note. I thought nothing of the name at first but hen slowly there was a faint memory then it hit me,,,, years ago we had been some where in the south (of I believe it was, as I said the memory is not to clear) I remember that there was a little restaurant that resembled a monastery. Their menu had every thing associated with a monastery or monk life. And then I remembered they had this wine also. I just can't remember where this little place is. As it was many years ago it may not even exist any more. But one thing for sure is the wine does and it is great so check it out just wonderful. Oh with the holidays just around the corner I am going to be sure to stock up with this it is a great gift for unexpected guest or for just bring a gift to the next invite you receive. Let me know what you think or if you remember the little eatery

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its a great day

What a nice surprise when you find not only a good wine for $8.00 but a wonderful place to purchase it.  That is what happened to my husband this past week when he went on a business trip to Atlanta and tripped onto a Wine speciality store.  The Store Total Wine!  Not only is there inventory just about endless in selection but they also carry beer and more!  Their prices are wonderful and they ship.  Their staff is highly knowledgeable in wine and very helpful.  All in all this is a keeper.  Check out our latest selection and see what you think.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What wonderful food

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Oh.... these days this is as close as I get to donuts. Even as far away as this is I can still feel my butt expand. The sad thing is that at one point in my life I could actually eat these little wonders. This was taken at the Donut Hole in Destin Florida. Now I have eaten here and it is the all American food hole. It is a great place to eat don't get me wrong it is a great place to eat. But beware sugar is in everything and I mean a lot of it. I think that if they reduced the sugar it would still be good but tasty as well

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobil blog coming soon

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken Egg Cafe

Well this always happens you think your mobile blogging and then you find out that nothing has posted for days. Such is life. I had gone over to the civilized part of the world... Destin Florida, for a day trip. You know to pick up things like mail and to get some items for my Birthday. The necessities in life. And thought that while I take photographs of things like the sea and children etc etc. I would include just some plane photos nothing artistic, that just show case the local fare. After all if you ever visit the last thing you want to wast is you time in a eatery that is less than up to par. Now don't get me wrong every place can have an off day so lets just say that on these particular days these eating establishments did a great job.
Take this one for example this is a great place to stop and eat with another Broken Egg Cafe open in Sandestin as well as in Destin you can't go wrong. Their speciality is... well of coarse... the egg. With them scrambled, fried, or easy you will have to break some eggs here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Setting up my mobile blog via my cell to include my cell photos

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Fried Food

My Fried Food
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Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Basket
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What an outing. The Shrimp Basket in Perdido Key Fla. Every thing is FRIED. Not a bad place but then again not a place to go if you are watching your health. The gumbo is not bad a little watered down but with some of those carb crackers (enough to soak up the water) it is not bad. The beer is cold, but no chilled mugs for it to go in. You have to rough it and drink it straight out of the bottle. The service is good and the place is always crowed. They do have misters outside if you are stuck waiting for a table. My advice is if you are waiting just move along to another little place to get a bite and try back when it is not so busy. All in all we have eaten there at least 4 times in the 6 month period that we have been there. There is all you can eat fried shrimp on Tuesday and Thursday. They use a smaller basket on those days so just order the popcorn shrimp. Lets face it there is not much of a selection when it come to eateries here in Perdido Key.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I have selected this plain photo of a beer bottle that I shot while out eating at the "Shrimp Basket" in Perdido Key Fl.  Since I love beer I thought well lets see what I can do with just the bottle.  I put the rust filter on that I had talked about in the previous blog to age the photo.  I liked the heavy look but the photo it self being not too good started to be less and less of the focal point.  I still wanted the heavy rust since this was not a shot of a place or person  and it was not important to be able to see the image clearly I thought what more could I do to pep it up a notch.  I went to my Illustrator CS2 and started to fool around with some clipping mask (did that on the bottle).  Since I loved the background I made sure that I added that back in so that the bottle was on a different layer and I could lay what ever my harts desired between the bottle and the background.  I then did a couple of strokes with the paint brush choosing a swatch from the beach pallet and then used the twister tool to give the effect of swirls and then reduced the additions anywhere from 30 to 45% and there you have it.  You could do this with anything.  It will add some more interest in even portrait photos that may have some dead space in them.  Perhaps give new life to photos that may have been rendered bad just due to bad placement.  Remember as always that these little additions should only help make the object more pleasing and should not be a focal point.  Your eye should flow easily over your completed image.  And always have fun.  Art is supposed to be fun.  Don't put too much on trying to be perfect it is those imperfections that may your artwork unique.  

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chic Old

I love old things and because I do, I look for them everywhere.  But unfortunately, so many of them cost so much!  Today however, there is a resurgence of things that look old but really arn't!  Who cares as long as  you can now have the look but not the cost.  That is if you don't count the cost of the materials to make them look old.  Seems like there is a buck to be made at every turn and I am usually the one that pays the buck.
 But I am here to tell you that just about anyone can distress things.  Take a look at the photo that I have started to work on, and and you will see a process that you could take on and perhaps make some of your new photos look old.  
I got this idea while living in Ireland some years ago.  A man who I will never meet bought a home in England and was renovating it.  He said that he spent the first night in his newly found find even though the place was gutted and there was a dead dog in the basement.  Yes what some of us won't do for the history and the feel of the place.  Well to make a long story short he went out and bought old paintings and filed the place.  He desired to have it restored to the Victorian spender that it once was and so he sought out the things that reminded him of that time era. He did not care about the history or some paper trail that proved he acquired an origional.. who ever,  he just wanted the feel.  He even said that he did not even know his ansestors so he made up  stories to go with the paintings.  Wow.   I am after  the feel too.  I don't care if the things that I choose have been photographed in the year 2008 or in 1808 just so they have a particular look and when you walk in the room you feel that time slip.  Slippage is a major selling point. 
Now I work in Photoshop CS2 as some of you may know (all two of you) and you just take your favorite photo and do a selective color (taking most of the color out but leaving the ones that you favor in) In this case I left yellows and oranges and reds but desaturated the greens and blues. That gives it a feel of time silppage.  I then went to my handy filter package, I got from Alien Skin and used the rust (heavy) on a separate layer.  Then I slowly erased the rust leaving just a bit to give that dirty and old look of perhaps a mirror or a painting that has been less cared for, possibly left up in the attic for 100's of years. Then another filter to distress the edges. (you won't want to do that in all your endeavors I used it just to show an old photo). Make sure you don't make the distressing the main focus in your art the photo should be the focus at all times.  Just remember why you love those old photos.  The interest that the flaws bring out. Enjoy and remember there is more than one way to distress your photos and this is just one way.  Above all be creative .  Have Fun! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brunch at the Beach Walk

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This was poss. the best tasting tuna that I have ever had. The temp. was perfect the seasoning was perfect and it has a ginger sauce. Need I say perfect. Just thought that I would capture the moment and share the view of a great meal.
Food can be so creatively displayed that a shot of it can also turn into a work or art. (not that this photo is ) But you see were this is going. Think of things to photograph that are outside the box out side of the normal kids or grand kids, mountain or beach shots. Close ups can even add a whole new aspect. Suddenly there is more texture and interest. So the next time you go out to dine take the camera and snap a couple of shots at the wine or food or.....hey what happen to my desert.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Selective color

Selective color can give your photo that statement that will elevate it from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. I just selected the element that I wanted to highlight and then desaturated the rest of the image. Suddenly you can see that this photo means something in regards to the child left in color and your right his first ride.

Monday, July 21, 2008


What a sweet Dog. If you have not had a chance to kiss this little mug then you just simply must do so. Every fat roll and every snort says I love you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

George Fishing

George Fishing
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Don't sell your not so good photos short. I had this photo stuck in my stash and just could not bring myself to post it only due to that in my mind it just was not up to my standard. It was too dark... it was a contrived face (on my grandsons part) and on an on and on. But I did post it because of his contrived face. He looked so much like a little Rascal (Alfalfa (spelling) that I just had to see what kind of feed back I got. Well I got great feed back. It made folks smile and isn't that what photography is all about conveying a feeling or thought? So I think that I will still hold to the old is it positioned right is the lighting correct etc. but most of all I will never over look the basic thing......... does it make you smile or convey some feeling. LOL

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The fruit of our lives.

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I don't know what came to mind when shooting these subjects other than it just looked good. I like things that are in order and are the same grouped together. This was just a great night. Far better then my eating experience last night that consisted of fish fried in some substance that resembled something other then batter. As we drug ourselves back to the car and my daughter of all of 14 said ..." My tummy does not feel good , well this is what happens when my meal is less than 50$". We had a good laugh. So today I chose to put up the photos that I took several days ago. It was a nice memory of our eating experience.

Champain with Blue berries

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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This is one of my favs. This was taken on the bay side of Perdido key one sunny afternoon. He was just bouncing along when the shutter clicked and there he was suspended in air. Walking on sunshine.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


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My son had a wonderful time playing in the water spouts at the Commons. It was a wonderful sunny day.

Friday, July 11, 2008


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So happy when I get hits and comments. This photo was taken in the evening with the sun going down. I love the way the leaves appear dark and frame in the subject mater.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black and White

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One of my favorite things is black and white photography. To me it opens up so much interest without having the distraction of color. The interest is solely on the subject. The intricate patterns in everyday subjects. Depth suddenly comes shouting out. It does not work with everything but when it does WOW!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008