Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken Egg Cafe

Well this always happens you think your mobile blogging and then you find out that nothing has posted for days. Such is life. I had gone over to the civilized part of the world... Destin Florida, for a day trip. You know to pick up things like mail and to get some items for my Birthday. The necessities in life. And thought that while I take photographs of things like the sea and children etc etc. I would include just some plane photos nothing artistic, that just show case the local fare. After all if you ever visit the last thing you want to wast is you time in a eatery that is less than up to par. Now don't get me wrong every place can have an off day so lets just say that on these particular days these eating establishments did a great job.
Take this one for example this is a great place to stop and eat with another Broken Egg Cafe open in Sandestin as well as in Destin you can't go wrong. Their speciality is... well of coarse... the egg. With them scrambled, fried, or easy you will have to break some eggs here.

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