Sunday, September 7, 2008


After blogging about wine the last week you may start to think.... is this a blog about wine or photos? Well perhaps both. I have been on stand still as of late and there are only so many photos you can take of a certain area sooooooo until some thing truly jumps out at me or really takes me by surprise I will just have to be creative.
Any way on my husbands latest trip to Atlanta again at the same wine store as before "Total Wine" he stopped in to buy a case load of our fav. wine "Chateau de Cornemps 2005" (by the way in addition to their very low prices you get an additional 10% off of cases of wine) He happened to pick up this wonderful bottle called "The Holy Trinity Wine" No this is not blessed by the Pope but it is blended by three different wines. A great taste smooth no bitter aftertaste. The smell is great (a must sniff) 
Now on a different note. I thought nothing of the name at first but hen slowly there was a faint memory then it hit me,,,, years ago we had been some where in the south (of I believe it was, as I said the memory is not to clear) I remember that there was a little restaurant that resembled a monastery. Their menu had every thing associated with a monastery or monk life. And then I remembered they had this wine also. I just can't remember where this little place is. As it was many years ago it may not even exist any more. But one thing for sure is the wine does and it is great so check it out just wonderful. Oh with the holidays just around the corner I am going to be sure to stock up with this it is a great gift for unexpected guest or for just bring a gift to the next invite you receive. Let me know what you think or if you remember the little eatery