Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brunch at the Beach Walk

Originally uploaded by Jeweledfrogcreations
This was poss. the best tasting tuna that I have ever had. The temp. was perfect the seasoning was perfect and it has a ginger sauce. Need I say perfect. Just thought that I would capture the moment and share the view of a great meal.
Food can be so creatively displayed that a shot of it can also turn into a work or art. (not that this photo is ) But you see were this is going. Think of things to photograph that are outside the box out side of the normal kids or grand kids, mountain or beach shots. Close ups can even add a whole new aspect. Suddenly there is more texture and interest. So the next time you go out to dine take the camera and snap a couple of shots at the wine or food or.....hey what happen to my desert.

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