Monday, August 1, 2011

Harry Potter magic vrs 2

I have been off the computer for what feels like years. Just cut out some time to work on my art this morning. Being inspired by, what else, Harry Potter (Always) I thought I would do up this collage. I have another version of it on flicker and you can drop by and comment on which one you think is better. More of this type of theme will be in the make. I can't promise they will be of Potter world but it will be inspired by the story that has gotten myself and my children through some tough times as well as created a world that we revisit even in the best of times. Enjoy this image it was created with love for the books.

Via Flickr:
Inspired by Harry Potter this image was created using royalty free images like the owl and castle and reflection in the glasses. The Hat and glasses are my own creation. They type was Got Heroin? and can be found on Defont

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